A Typical Sardinia Raviolo filled with a mousse of mashed potatoes, ricotta cheese, fresh herbs, garlic & saffron. Served with a simple tomatoes & basil sauce. £6.95/14.75

Fettuccine allo Putanesca
Fresh pasta served with: Anchovies capers garlic Olives Origano chopped tomatoes  £8.95/£13.75


Tagliatelle alla Contadina: V

Fresh ribbon of pasta served cream of Aubergine with mushrooms, courgettes, fresh herbs & chopped tomatoes. £5.75/11.75


Papardelle al Sugo di Cinghiale: Please note: This unique dish is very tasty deep and strong flavour.

Fresh ribbon of egg pasta cooked with a unique wild boar ragout marinated in Chianti Riserva red wine

Cooked with rosemary, sage , origano, garlic, saffron and chopped tomatoes. Truffle oil. £8.75/13.95

Mezzaluna alla Marinara:

Oven baked half moon shaped raviolo, filled with mix seafood mousse ( Salmon, Seabass, Mussels)

Served with butternut squash puree, calamari, grated mullet roe lemon, chopped tomatoes sauce. £8.55/13.75

Girasole al Prosciutto:

Oven basked raviolo filled with ham & mushrooms. served with parma ham, grilled aubergine, sliced tomatoes, basil pesto parmesan flakes & balsamic reduction.


Risotto Primavera.

Fresh Arborio rice cooked with chopped tomatoes & grilled courgettes. £6.95/£13.95

Risotto alle Erbe:

Fresh Arborio rice cooked with, fresh dill ,chives, fennel. With anchovies cappers, calamari, olives garlic and fresh chopped tomatoes. Garnished with poached salmon fillet. £7.95/13.95


Zuppa di Melanzane & Zucchine: V

Traditional Italian soup made with a blend of aubergine, courgettes, potatoes & chopped tomatoes £6.95/12.55


Minestra di Pollo:

Traditional Italian chicken soup made with fresh chicken meat chopped Spaghetti fresh courgette garlic, potatoes & Chopped tomatoes.£7.25/12.75


( Also available as a starter)


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