Please Note:

My filled Ravioli Girasole & Mezzaluna Pasta are egg free and Its Oven baked it’s tastier lighter and less calories perfect for summer time


Tagliatelle Primavera

Cherry Tomatoes Courgette Onions Garlic Basil Pesto £6.55/11.75

Fetuccine Putanesca

Anchovies Onions Capers Olives Garlic Origano Tomatoes Sauce Fresh Herbs £7.25/12.75

Pappardelle Boscaiola

Carrots Onions Celery Mushrooms Garlic Olive Oil Tomatoes Sauce £7.15/12.55

Mezzaluna Marinara

Oven Baked Half Moon Pasta Filled with Salmon Mousse Served with Butternut Squash Puree Calamari Capers Fresh Herbs Garlic Sauce £7.95/£13.75

Girasole Al Prosciutto

Oven Baked Ham & Mushrooms Ravioli Parma Ham Tomatoes Basil Pesto Parmesan Flakes Balsamic Reduction £7.75/12.95

Ravioli Lanterna

Oven Baked Pasta Filled with Ricotta Cheese & Spinach Served with Grilled Aubergine Tomatoes Sauce parmesan Flakes Balsamic Reduction £7.95/£13.75


Aubergine & Courgette

Garlic Potatoes Fresh Herbs Onions Basil pesto £5.95/9.95

                                                                              Pappa Di Pomodoro ( Typical Tuscan Recipe made with rustic Bread )

With Tomato Sauce Garlic Carrots Onions Celery Basil Pesto Olive Oil. £5.95/8.95

Chicken Soup

Fresh Oven baked Chicken Carrots Celery Onions Poatoes Courgettes Garlic Chopped Tomatoes Fresh Herbs. £6.95/£9.95




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                                                                                   ADVISE OUR STAFF PRIOR TO PLACING YOUR ORDER.

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